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Just married- their way!

Brides are readjusting their expections, but not their total budget. This is the message that I keep reading on articles on the world-wide web. In spite of the economic downturn, couples are taking a hard look at the things that they want and the “frills” and deciding on the style of their special day.

If the reception is the important hot button for them, they will reduce the guest list, but not the menu. There is a refusal to compromise on what the feel is important. So bring on the bruschetta bar, the appetizers and a beautiful meal, and hold on other items, sometimes viewed as superfluous.

Some couple are so focused on a particular item, that they will forgo the favours, the fancy invitations and the bridal cake for an outdoor tented affair or a vineyard wedding. Conformity is out and individual style is definitely in.

What makes today’s weddings uniquely different is that they don’t follow the traditional template of their parents’ wedding day of year’s gone by.

Almost anything goes and each wedding is personalized with the bride and groom’s fingerprint.

You’ll find martini and sushi bars, ice cream and expresso carts, caricature artists and more at today’s celebrationsl.

Big weddings, intimate weddings, beach weddings and yacht weddings; whatever venue is chosen,speaks loudly to the couple and their lifestyle, and it’s adding flair and fun to a wedding invitation.

Bridal season is just around the corner, and with it, an adventure in the extraordinary, as couples continue the tradition and do it their unique way!

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