The Wedding Guide Windsor/Essex County, There’s No Better Time to Marry! Couples Have more Choices!

I’ve been reading about 2010 Wedding trends. It is pointing to a more unique, signature-style wedding . With the influence of year’s gone by, the style is moving toward home weddings, which aren’t necessarily less expensive, but certainly are more intimate and personal. A back yard is more easy-going for everyone. Your guests are more relaxed and it can be a great and moderately priced entertaining choice,  or you can go all-out.

Perhaps decorating is the bride’s hot button and she goes all out to create their own space, unique to both her and her fiancé. She may then decide to cut back on favours completely. Everyone has their own style.We previewed covers for our current Wedding Guide over 6 months ago and go and agreed unanimously that the Hollywood look was going to continue to emerge as a  strong trend.

The consensus was a very glam, opulent and vintage cover. We have since learned that our cover girl, Brooke Boyle is vying for The Miss Universe Canada Contest in Toronto this week. And, the best of the best is that she is also a local Windsor/Essex native and she is engaged! All the best tomorrow, Brooke. 2

Veils with a feather or a jewel-clip and netting is the favourite choice for brides and they cover only the face. This is going to continue to be the head-piece rage well into 2010. It makes a statement and is more fun to wear and look at than the long trains of your mother’s day.

Looking ahead to bridesmaids dresses, and we’ve all been there; there’s more freedom to having the bride pick her colour and letting the gals buy their own styles, and meld the look together as one. The only key is too make certain that the styles are all either formal or informal. The two looks together won’t do it!

There are more emerging trends that deserve to be watched. Wedding pies, for- rent commercial aircrafts for ceremonys, ball gowns that flow like Scarlet’s wardrobe in Gone With the Wind, and outdoor weddings on farms, vineyards, zoos, old train stations and local, white sandy beaches.

Special decorating touches like your mother’s roses in antique vases will grace the guests’ tables.

Bright colours are in – rich hues in gem colours such as amber, plum and navy are coming into vogue. Copper, buttercream and black are also on the horizon.

To everyone planning a wedding; there has been no time as exciting as right now for your wedding day. The sky’s the limit, the mood is fun and friendly, and you have every option in the world to say ” I do” your way.

Until later,

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