I'm having a Widget of a time!!!

This bride was an internet baby! Look at her now.

As the publisher of The Wedding Guide Windsor/Essex County, I enter this new decade focused on everything bridal and technology! Funny combo-pack  for a gal that has been in the wedding marketplace for over 20 years, both in urban Toronto and friendly Windsor.

It all started with our new widget that DMS Communications CTO Stuart built for us, that simply amazed me. He has been on the trail of perfection for this product, for over a year now, and was recently recognized  for his work by Gigya, the world’s largest developer of social applications, which widgets fall into.

When we  made the decision to revamp our website  after a seven year run, and enter the new decade in a more savvy manner; Stuart jumped on it and began to create. Who else can send a blog message directly to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc., the way I am going to, when I finish this article?

It’s uncanny how seamlessly my blog and website blend together to work in unison with one another. A timesaver for sure, but the added bonus is that not only can I be creative as I write these blogs; I can also add my widget, and sent it out to all my group friends and clients at one push of the keyboard, as well as post it to all the Social Networks at the same time. Awesome..awesome…awesome!

Social marketing and brand recognition are key to standing above your competitors, in whatever your marketplace is. My widget brings potential clients to me and my website sends my widget back out immediately, as my readers share it with their Facebook, Twitter and email contacts. Better than the mailman!

This widget format is being used by not-for-profit organizations, musicians, brides, business, press release tools- virtually however deep your imagination runs there’s a custom design waiting for you. Stuart is cranking them out in every shape, size and creative format. They are the rage in social marketing.

As people increase their communcating online, the key  for any business will be to capture and captivate. And, this is the way to do it.

Follow us, as we burst into 2010. I will be sure to keep you up to date with Stuart’s future creations.

And, please check back in because our website is still under construction but it is going to knock your socks off when its completed!

Please contact me for any questions that you may have. It’s so simple and a great marketing with something so unique!

And, here is the widget link. Feel free to play with it– click away- you can’t break it and send it  to someone on your list.


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