January is Bridal Show Time!


With the glow of holiday engagements lighting up the rooms, I must say that brides were out and about during the 2 recent shows.

With a cornucopia of services and some beautifully appointed booths, there is no lack of style and exc itement for the Windsor/Essex County brides.

The writer walks the shows to see the variety of services that the Southern Ontario area has for weddings. New trends are noted, all in preparation for our annual bridal press release, which will be released in the next two weeks.

Check back often and read our blog and visit our website.  Now that the shows are over, we are here 24/7,  to answer to the questions that are asked every time a wedding is hosted! Ask the Editor, on our website is a free service.


The Wedding Guide is portable, upscale and filled with all the information that a bride NEEDS!

We are excited to present our new issue to you- Here Comes the Brides


Are you getting married? Brides-t0-be, enter our karaoke singing contest and win. We have raised over $22,000 worth of prizes. Come out and if you’re shy, you can nominate one of your friends, family or wedding party to sing for you!

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Am800CKLW: Listen for updates, interviews and maybe even some singing

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