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Here at The Wedding Guide office, we live, eat and breathe weddings. If you have a specific question about protocol, etiquette or something that may be unclear to you, please go to “Ask the Editor” online for your private one-on-one conversation.
If you have a specific question about protocol, etiquette or something  that may be unclear to you, please go to “Ask the Editor” online for your private one-on-one conversation.
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Fabric Makes the Difference
Though you may fall in love with a particular style wedding dress, the fabric in which the dress is created can make it truly spectacular. Familiarize yourself with wedding dress fabrics, as certain ones are better suited to different weather and in creating a particular ambiance. For instance, tulle is often used as an overskirt in creating those fairytale gowns you may have dreamed of since you were a little girl. Different types of silks breathe better in the heat of summer while medium to heavy weight types of silks like Dupont or Peau de Soie, work well for dresses to be worn in the winter months. It truly pays to bone up on your fabric knowledge if you are having a custom-made gown of your own design.

Guy Wear
Though tuxedos are the typical choice for menswear for today’s modern weddings, they do come with many more choices than the typical white shirt, black bow tie, cummerbund, jacket, pants and suspenders. In fact, today’s tuxedos and accessories often incorporate more style and colour than the suits worn in past years past. Vests are often used with, or in place of, cummerbunds and come in various colours and fabrics. Bow ties, neck ties and ascots are often coordinated with the fabrics of the best or cummerbund as well. Cuff links and studs are not only functional, but are used as high-fashion accents to enhance the entire look of the tuxedo they are worn with.

Wedding Day Assistance
Maybe you couldn’t afford the services of a wedding consultant to plan your entire wedding. Or maybe you loved planning your own wedding but would prefer to have someone else take charge on your special day, so you can just relax and enjoy yourself. Hire a wedding consultant for the day! Provide clear, detailed notes and instructions for anyone that fills this special role for you. This could be the biggest luxury; or necessity- you give yourself!

Double check the details
Even though you may be a perfectionist, you’ll want to double (and maybe even triple_ check all your wedding day details. The perfect time to double check all the essentials is when you are getting ready to go to print with your invitations. Confirm the day of the week, date, time and location of your ceremony and reception. Go over the guest list to ensure there are enough invitations (including a few extra for addressing mishaps). Verify that you didn’t inadvertently miss putting someone on the list. You would be devastated if they weren’t a part of your wedding day. It’s a great idea to have your groom and someone else from both sides of the family review the list as well. Of course, carefully check the spelling of all the names and locations on your wedding invitation. If you haven’t ordered your invitations yet, check out our list of expert stationers.

Keeping everyone happy

It would be great if there were an inside secret that would help make everyone happy on your wedding day, but unfortunately, there is no such thing. Keep in mind, while it is nice to be able to comply with other’s wishes, itis your wedding day. While considering any special needs of your family and friends, remember to be true to your feelings and values. Rest assured that those who love you will honour your choices. Take complaints with a grain of salt; there is always a perfectionist in every group that gathers together. Who knows, it may even be you! Whatever glitches may occur, make sure to relax, take it in stride and most of all, and enjoy your day.

Great new flavours
Though chocolate is still one of the most popular wedding cake flavours, new flavours always seem to make their way into today’s wedding cakes. The emergence of Latin cuisine into today’s mainstream culinary choices has brought the decadent flavours of dulce de leche (“sweet milk”, otherwise known as caramel), and trés leches (three milks- sweetened condensed, evaporated and regular) to super special wedding cakes, plated desserts, and even ice cream. Some popular and often unusual flavours today include: carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, Kahlua white Russian cake, cheesecake with strawberry filling, lemon with lemon curd filling, chocolate truffle, angel food with raspberry filling, banana chocolate chip, mocha cake and hazelnut filling, and even a cannoli cake. Make sure you schedule a tasting before selecting your wedding cake. Check out our article on wedding cakes so you can chose your dream cake and find your dream bakery.
Macarons are the new, hot pastry item and they can be served with sorbet, gelato, ice cream or just plain with a dollop of whipped cream Yummy!

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