Your First Steps Together

Congratulations! You are engaged. One of the first things you should do is to allow yourselves the time to relax and enjoy the excitement.

You have been dreaming about this special day since you were little. Your good news has bubbled out as you’ve told a few friends and family; but there’s no need to rush into future wedding planning until you have time to enjoy the present! You have found your life partner and you need to cherish these special moments.

Where should you start? First, don’t let the details overwhelm you. Make each step of your planning an event.  Take the time to treat yourself to a nice romantic evening with your fiancé. Spend time talking about your plans and future life. Relax and enjoy this very special time.

The steps you take now, in the earliest moments of the planning process, will make a world of difference in the kind of wedding day you ultimately experience. You’ll want to begin by establishing a budget, after deciding what kind of wedding it will be and the approximate number of guests.

You can’t create a realistic budget until you have some idea of what particular items will cost. You’ll need to prioritize your expenses by defining which items are most important to you.  So, if you have always dreamed of saying “ I do” in a Vera Wang gown and kicking up your blue satin shoes to a live jazz band at your reception, you may have to cut back in other areas.

The process of organizing a wedding can become an important lesson in working together toward a common goal. The more you explore the options together, the more you’ll learn about each other’s preferences, priorities and taste; knowledge that is critical to a successful marriage.

Planning a wedding can be fun and exciting,  if you give yourself enough time and stick to a schedule. It’s easy to procrastinate, but the average wedding takes 12 months. Smaller weddings can be planned in a shorter period of time depending on what you envision your day to be. If you follow a timetable, you’ll stay organized and stress-free, giving you and your fiancé time to enjoy each other.

Where your wedding will be is second only to your choice of spouse. The place or places you select will make all the difference. Your wedding day mood will be filtered through the ambience of your location. The backdrop for your photos and video are impacted by the surroundings you select.

Always keep your perspective and don’t be swayed by what others think you want. Be clear in your choices and follow your heart. This is your day, your way. It has been said that if you focus on 3 areas and do them with wow, your wedding will be special and everyone will remember it with fond memories.

Wedding  jitters are about as common as weddings. Don’t assume you have to do everything by yourself. Have fun and enjoy one of the most beautiful and memorable days of your lives. There are no rules expect that you have fun.

The Wedding Guide is your local bridal resource that gives you the tools you need to host a wedding. Our interactive budget calculator will keep you on track in the money area and we’ll answer every question that is asked every time a wedding is hosted.

Plan now to look back on these days as a wonderful adventure to beginning your first steps together.

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