The Perfect Wedding Dress

Your Look

“If there is no woman, there is no dress”- Coco Chanel

The childhood fantasy of that incredible gown is now a reality. It is time to choose the most important dress you will ever wear, and it is your look that will set the tone for your wedding: elegantly formal, culturally traditional, or alluringly whimsical. Bridal salons offer an array of colours and styles and will do alterations for that perfect dress with the not-so-perfect waistline.

The search should begin immediately for while the choices may seem endless, time is not.

And, if it seems that the elusive dress of your dreams is but a figment of your imagination, then bring it to life. Do not hesitate to look into custom gown designs, after all, it is your day and you should feel perfect in what you are wearing.

Photo: Chalet Studio Photography

The wedding gown tells something about the bride’s beliefs and feelings, her personality, and her general appearance.

Some brides are likely to try new styles. Others may be unconcerned about their gown. Some brides wear simple gowns becaue of their strong customs and beliefs.

Through the years, the wedding gown has been one of the most important parts of the wedding,  associated with the hope and the celebration of love. Your gown is going to be the focal point of the ceremony, and you will remember it for the rest of your life.

Consider comfort and that all eyes will be on you. This may not be the best occasion to wear a gown in which you do not feel comfortable. Selecting a wedding gown is one of life’s precious moments. To get the right gown, however, takes some thinking. Your wedding gown gives you a chance to dress completely different from the way you do everyday; so feel free to select something unique. Experiment with many styles to see what suits you silhouette best.

If your wedding is a destination- there are now many short styles available for you to choose from.  The rise of destination weddings has set the tone for a new look for a very treasured day. And, you’ll find gowns of all colours and styles with gorgeous detail- just for you!

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