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Proudly serving local and area brides since 1992, The Wedding Guide, Windsor/Essex County salutes our network of Wedding Professionals, who help Canada South Brides achieve their dream wedding! Be sure to tell them you heard about them from The Wedding Guide. We’re the brides’ #1 choice for perfect wedding planning; answering the questions that are asked every time a wedding is hosted.

“Here’s to the bride and groom-
May their joys be as bright as the morning,
and their sorrows but shadows
that fade in the sunlight of love.”

Welcome and congratulations. Your wedding is an event that marks the beginning of an important    time for you and your fiancé. Our publication, The Wedding Guide contains great information and  ideas in an extensive resource that will assist you in planning each and every detail of your  wedding day. Our smaller, digest size format makes it convenient to carry The Wedding Guide in    your briefcase or purse. It is a valuable companion, practical and specific for your community. It  contains check lists , an interactive budget calculator, advice, timetables and information on  products and services to help keep your wedding plans organized and you, stress-free. We will help  you to plan a wedding, big or small in Windsor/Essex County.

We’ve designed this new socially integrated wedding website, Bridal Talk, that integrates with  Facebook, Twitter, My Space, Likedin and 50+ others, to give you a sample of great wedding  information.

Our Photo Gallery, with yummy wedding pictures shows Real Wedding Inspiration for  you to  sample. Blogs about Healthy Brides’ Tips, Savvy Brides Blogging and editorials by the  Publisher answer every question that is asked when a wedding is hosted. Our Facebook Page shares  Wedding Tip of the Day, Wedding Trends from around the world and loads of great surprises like Money-Saving Offers, totalling $1,000’s of dollars.

Wedding Guide Bridal Network, (WGBN) is our high definition, video player that features news and the Wedding Pros, with more to come. Because we know your wedding is near and dear to you; we want you to have all the tools that you could possibly need to help you plan yours!

Our bridal planner is complimentary and you may obtain your copy at leading bridal salons on our website,

It is our belief that products and services originate from people who have ongoing professional interest in the wedding market, and we are blessed with many talented professionals in Canada South.

The Wedding Guide has been developed to help you make the correct choices, and to enjoy your engagement; a time that should be filled with joy, hopes and dreams- not stress. Our advertisers understand a bride’s needs and will be there to help you handle the protocol and details.

Best wishes with your wedding day planning and for a happy life together. Please feel free to email us with any questions you may have regarding weddings in Windsor/Essex County.

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