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The Cake Lady, Windsor, Ontario

The Cake Lady, Windsor, Ontario

The bridal gown may be the ceremony’s show-stopper, but the wedding cake is the main attraction at the reception. Stephanie Boutette knows that well as a busy cake baker in this area.

Choosing a wedding cake can be a sweet treat for a bride; big or small, round or long, her wedding cake will reflect her personality. The cake design can showcase the wedding theme or colour scheme. Beautiful lace bead work from her dress can be inlaid onto the cake for a resplendent look.

Stephanie Boutette has become  The Cake Lady, a clever name she chose for her business and has been baking since she was a teenager. She discovered something she loved doing and developed her talent into a career.

Asked about her  favourite style, she replied, “My favourite changes every week. When I do something new, I just love it and each one challenges my creativity differently.”

She loves to work with fondant, which is a special type of frosting that is rolled out, smoothed out and draped over the cake. This creates a satin smooth, porcelain look that is a beautiful backdrop for detailed icing. Fondant is very versatile and can be shaped in many different ways, but it is labor intensive. Stephanie recommends that brides try the fondant, because there are many types in the market and some just aren’t as tasty as hers.

Many of today’s couples are personalizing their cakes by adding special touches such as crystal studding, rosettes, lace and pearls. “Cake jeweler is very popular right now, and it defines and creates a very classy look,” Boutette adds.

Stephanie has also seen the resurgence of the Groom’s Cake, once a popular offering in the past. It is a special way of honouring the groom and is a gift from the bride. Traditionally, it was a dark fruit cake, laced in liquor, but today’s creations are more humourous and designed according to the groom’s interests and can incorporate quirky themes such as golf, sports, poker, movies and cars; things that define the groom’s personality.

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The Groom’s cake can be presented at any time during the wedding celebration and is sometimes included in one of the layers of the bridal cake. However, it is nice served as a toast to the groom at the rehearsal dinner so it is enjoyed and shared in an intimate tribute to the wedding attendants and special guests. Or, serve it at the reception as a second flavour choice for the guests. These cakes have made quite a comeback as a noteworthy compliment to the elegantly-tiered wedding cake.

In many of today’s weddings, the wedding cake is being placed in front of the head table, making it a focal point. With that in mind, Boutette suggests “picking up a beautiful cake stand and a cake topper that is appropriate for the style of the cake. Modern cakes and vintage cakes call for different styles.”

Stephanie loves her work and the best part of her job is watching the faces of the brides when they see their wedding cake for the first time.  She says, “The challenge of creating something totally new each time is her motivation.”

And, she loves working with brides. With the many colours, shapes and styles for wedding cakes, the variations are endless with enormous opportunity to be creative. The challenge of each new design is what she thrives on most.

Boutette is good at what she does and for her it’s as simple as that. You’ll find her in the kitchen, baking, icing and working for her brides. Her impressive cakes are works of art and the sky is the limit for her. She translates the bride’s fantasy into reality each and every weekend.

Like other busy bakers, Stephanie will take orders for any occasion from corporate to birthdays and in-between. Her works of edible art are like tiers of joy- extraordinary and distinctive.

For more information: www.getcake.ca