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Photo: Festival Tent & Party Supply, Windsor, Ontario

“When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.” –  John Ruskin

If you have decided on a garden or outdoor wedding, or have rented an unfurnished hall, you will find yourself in need of some expert advice on setting up your reception or celebration party.You can guard against dampened spirits (or equally important, a searing summer sun) with a pretty and practical tent or an elaborate, windowed one. Most caterers can refer you to a tent/ and or party rental company. These rental companies offer table chairs, linens, flatware, stemware and even portable washrooms.

A fully equipped rental store will have a wide range of appropriate wedding accessories, including arches, and chupahs, kneeling benches, candelabras, plant stands, aisle runners, wedding canopies, gazebos, artificial greenery, chair covers and more.

Rental furniture is now available  and  choices includes modular leather sofas and chairs, besides the standard banquet style. Bride and groom booths, a brilliant idea in white leather studded buttons have become a comfortable trend in today’s weddings, for use at the head table or to stand- alone, so the newlyweds can share their first meal as husband and wife seated together, apart from their guests.

The use of “Lounge Style”  furniture allows for “living room” or “settee” areas where guests,  should they choose, can mingle and catch up, away from the dinner tables that they were seated at.

Photo booths, expresso, ice cream and liquor carts,  as well as completely portable, bar refrigeration trucks have all become popular items in the past few years. There has never been a better choice in rentals items for both indoor and outdoor weddings as there are today.

Lighting is becoming another must-have for some couples.  Adding ambiance, excitement and mood, a good lighting tech can transform your reception site from ordinary to extraordinary.

Rental companies will work with you to create the mood and feel that you want for your reception. Rental professionals will provide you with everything you need to create a truly memorable affair. Trust their advice as they plan more parties in a year than most people plan in a lifetime.

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