Your Rehearsal Dinner

A dinner following the wedding rehearsal is not a necessity, but it is a lovely way to begin your wedding festivities and allows your attendants and families to relax and get acquainted. It’s a casual evening that sets the stage for your wedding day.
The meal is traditionally hosted by the groom’s parents, and includes the immediate family of both the bride and groom, the clergyman and members of the wedding party and their spouses. In some circumstances, you may want to include special and out-of-town guests who have already arrived.
The rehearsal dinner is the traditional time for the groom’s father to make a formal toast to the couple. It is also an appropriate time for the attendants’ gifts to be given out. Seating plans and place cards are especially important at this dinner, probably a first meeting for more than one of the group. The bridal couple generally sits at the head of the group, their parents flank them. The members of the wedding party are seated throughout the rest of the family members and special guests. Presumably, they will feel more at ease and be able to assist in making the other guests more comfortable.
Because it is an icebreaker of sorts, relax and enjoy the rehearsal dinner. Don’t linger too long, however. Brides look terrible with bleary eyes. Get home early and pamper yourself tonight- for tomorrow you’ll be married!