The Wedding Guide’s Brides 21st Century; the Future is Now

By Paul Pannone

A gathering of wedding professionals in the Canadian market highlighted the similarities with the US market but also shows a slightly more advance train of thought when is comes to understanding today’s bride. The neighbors to the north take a slightly more realistic approach to marketing, taking more time to really understand the bride and what makes her tick.

This week eWedNews visited Windsor, Ontario and spent time with Sheryl Davies . Davies, a 35 year seasoned professional, is the publisher of The Wedding Guide and, as a seasoned wedding industry veteran, has watched the modern day bride evolve over her decades of service. “You have to stay on top of the changes, if you want to remain at the top. Since 1992, we’ve assisted 35,000 brides and helped them plan their wedding by doing the legwork. We don’t just sell advertising space, we sell service and become a resource for the bride,” says Davies.

The event came about as a new way to show partners how they can become part of a marketing package way beyond space reservation in the Wedding Guide’s publication. “It is way beyond that, we need to be where the bride is and today she’s reading magazines, she’s connected online and she’s mobile—in real time planning. If she wakes up with a thought it’s like having an itch. She wants to scratch that itch at that moment. She can pick up her Iphone and make changes to her plans at any given moment,” says Davies.

The Wedding Guide Windsor Essex - Winter 2011

With honest, traditional values as a solid base, The Wedding Planner has all the fire power of military might embedded in its organization through the latest technology available.

Her partner, John Liedtke, is of the same mindset. “Sheryl and I have both seen the changes take place before our very eyes and have always managed to stay ahead of the curve by thinking ahead. It’s not always easy but it is necessary because if you don’t stay ahead you fall behind,” he feels.

“Keeping the organization ahead means leveraging technology and using it to the fullest advantage; that’s where I come in,” says Stuart Liedtke, John’s brother. Stuart is the Chief Technical Officer and in-house web developer. Stuart was one of the speakers at the event and gave a captivating presentation explaining some of the most up-to-date technology involving Face Book and Social Media software. Stuart’s military background was obvious in his presentation, strategically formatting well-executed and interactive programs that coincide with today’s tech-savvy bride.

As part of the event, Shelly Sharpe contributed an impressive presentation leveraging her 20 year graphic and branding background. Sharpe’s creativity and knowledge is an integral component of the Wedding Guide team. Her presentation exuded professionalism and style that fits well within The Wedding Guide parameters and is consistent with the message being delivered to their local market.

eWedNews found the Canadian market to be similar to the US in many aspect but several key elements shows a slightly different view of what’s important to the brides in Canada. According to current studies by average national spending on photography in the US is around $1,800 dollars. “We’re three times as much. That’s because we work with a higher taste level with our photographers. We know that they are the best in our market and therefore their clients have the means to afford them. With that kind of audience the rest of our vendors benefit,” according to John Liedtke.

The event was staged at Caesars Windsor Hotel & Casino in Windsor, Ontario. Representing Caesar’s and speaking at the event was Jeremy Tyrell, a seasoned 30-year veteran in the restaurant and hotel business in Canada. Tyrell’s presentation was also consistent with The Wedding Guide’s standards featuring a premium property and setting for weddings. Tyrell’s very comedic presentation executed well, delivering tips and information about selling and closing sales and even touched on Social Networking saying, “I’m following a guy like Paul Pannone that will probably write about his experience at our property; it’s all about doing the right job and getting people to talk about you.” Mr. Tyrell couldn’t be correct in his statement; Caesar’s, Ontario, is a prime location and needs no selling—the facility speaks for itself.

In our commentary we commended The Wedding Guide organization and its affiliates saying this is the way of the future but added the future is now. At this moment in time, The Wedding Guide is being watched as honesty and traditional standards converge to meet the requirements of today’s busy bride. The Wedding Guide is a “bridge to the bride” offering its advertising partners the best of print, digital and promotional media and creating positive experiences for the end consumer.

eWedNews continues our research in all areas of wedding planning and congratulates The Wedding Guide for finding the right balance. We continue our search for other organizations with similar formats and encourage others to follow their lead.


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Posted on 03/24/2011