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*Note from Sheryl Davies, Publisher*

I am part of this wonderful group of wedding professionals that is based out of New York City. Members are all across North America and I am honoured to be the only Canadian. We  all contribute to what we see and hear and watch for relevant, emerging  stories.

Our mandate is to bring all our area brides  and local experts, the best and most current information that the market has to offer. It is my commitment to our local wedding professionals and brides in this local trading area.

Enjoy the read. We are all on the pulse of  all the current stories that are of interest.

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The Week of May 30th in Review

June 4, 2011 By Paul Pannone View Comments

By Paul Pannone

The shortened Memorial Day work week gave wedding vendors a chance to check how times have changed, as a great number say volume decline over the past decade no longer make three-day holiday weekends a slam-dunk busy time. Reports of declining sales downplayed by wedding retailers does not change facts;  a lower part of the population getting married and greater competition  does not create a healthy environment for wedding related goods and services.

eWedNewz is watching specific cases where market leaders are showing the best results. Companies leveraging recognized brands, perceived value and the ability to reach consumers show the best results, as see by this week’s top story. After a decade of decline the men’s formal wear category shows improvement led primarily by the efforts of the tuxedo business’ main supplier, FLOW. Stepping outside the confines of a limited-thinking trade environment, company owners make plans to upgrade all portions of their business but this time, include the very reason for their existence; consumers.

The unprecedented approach is paying off, shown by results of choice selection from consumers demanding recognized brands, led by Calvin Klein. FLOW products appear in a growing number of promotional events coupled with plans to expand distribution to capitalize on the growing trend of grooms purchasing their wedding apparel.

Members of the Wedding Water Cooler discussion group talked about the current bad economic news and growing concerns for the wedding industry. “Of course the news and information is out there but I feel it will serve us better if we look for the silver lining in reporting,” feels Sheryl Davies. Davies, a market leader in Windsor, Ontario, provides value to her advertisers and marketing partners, in the wake of several years of recessionary spending and job losses due to the challenges facing car manufacturers. “We were hit hard up here but we managed to stay focused on reasons why people advertise to begin with. We changed our format beyond print long ago and decided to partner with our clients, showing them the value of multi-media marketing. Guess what– it’s working,” said Davies in a recent interview.

Davies and a growing panel of wedding experts participating in the discussion group say they’re looking past wedding reports, data and fairy dust, connecting with current brides that are planning events, and not look back at surveys involving ones forced to plan during the worse economic time since the Great Depression.

A labor dispute with Vera Wang remains in the top news stories. Ed McWilliams, Representative for the New York City council of Carpenters provided photos of recent protesting outside Vera Wang headquarters. The issue remains unresolved.


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