Windsor Wedding Planning Other Wedding Celebrations

Some of your guests may be traveling from a great distance to be with you on your wedding day,  so it it a thoughtful gesture to plan some informal parties for them.  They are there especially for you and share in your excitement.

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A number of special parties has evolved in the past years,  for out-of-town guests and can be hosted by close friends, or family;  prior the wedding.   The night before your rehearsal dinner, we have seen a gathering of the wedding party and  out-of- town guests  who go out for an evening together.  It’s an opportunity to catch up with them and let down your hair before the wedding celebration commences. It’s not an obligation but a nice gesture which will be remembered and appreciated by those who took the time and money to come to be with you.

Usually a brunch or get-together is held the morning after the wedding. It’s a great way to end the weekend’s celebrations, while giving your special guests a nice send-off.  It’s an informal gathering and for those who have to travel that day, a grand way to say goodbye. If you have chosen to leave on a honeymoon immediately after the reception, this event can be held at a family home or in a small, quaint restaurant or outdoors on a patio if the weather cooperates.

Guests for these parties are members of the wedding party, close friends, family members, traveling guests and anyone else you wish to invite.

Your wedding is an exciting time for not only you;  but for those who are sharing it with you. Their memories of your day will forever be remembered by the memory-making moments that you make for them.