Wedding Showers

The bridal shower is a traditional celebration which allows friends and family to show their affection and “shower” the couple with gifts. 

The shower occurs from two months to two weeks before the wedding and be anything from an informal luncheon at the office to a dinner in an elegant restaurant or anything in-between.

Typically a couple will register at a bridal registry soon after they announce their engagement.  This allows their friends and family to gift them from the beginning of the wedding planning to the end of the wedding day festivities.



Bridal showers or couples showers are usually given by members of the wedding party, cousins, or friends of the families. Two or three friends can act as co-hostesses or hosts. No one should be invited to the shower who has not been invited to the wedding or does not know the couple.

One of the bride’s responsibilities as far as her shower goes is to provide the hostess with a guest list and to ensure that she hasn’t created a financial burden on anyone by inviting her to more than one or two showers. She should also send a written note of thanks to her guests for any presents received, as well as to the hostess(es) for their hospitality.


Shower themes can be fun and useful. Unique ideas are:  “a round-the-clock” day on their invitations and bring the appropriate gifts. An example would be to bring a toaster for a 7 am time.  Other themed ideas include a  home repair shower, a lingerie shower, a wine shower,  a recipe shower, a linen shower – whatever is fun for the bride and groom based on the things they require.