As Seen at Today’s Weddings

It may be the dog days of summer, but it’s also the height of this year’s bridal season and it’s a pretty one at that.

We are seeing lots of the ever popular pink tones that brides love, as well as a carryover of the always gorgeous shades of purple and blue; colours most everyone can wear with ease.

Bridal gowns are both long and short, coloured as well as enchanting prints. You will also see the traditional shades of white and ivory making their way down the aisle.

Jaques Scheepers Photography, Windsor, ON.

Jaques Scheepers Photography, Windsor, ON.

For this year’s bridesmaids, their dresses aren’t always matchy-matchy, brides are giving the green light to staying within a palette without having an identical look for everyone. Veils are popular once again, designed with beautiful lace that is elegant and may be satin trimmed. Floral headbands are also a beautiful look, depending on the bride’s hairstyle.

Flowers this season are in the spotlight with big, single bloom bouquets and stunning head table backdrops of that are not only gorgeous to look at, but also provide an ideal spot for photo opportunities for the wedding party, as well as the guests. Living ceilings are transforming wedding celebrations and they provide an inspiring look with hanging, gorgeous flowers and green, flowing vines. 

Chalet Studio Photography, Windsor, ON.

Lighting is in the spotlight with hanging bulbs from above, that provide a look that is bewitching. Lanterns, chandeliers or even bare Edison bulbs provide an illuminating look. Up-lighting also defines the reception footprint and transforms your venue space from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Blush Photography and Marz Media, Windsor, ON

You’ll also see designated areas at receptions, both indoors and out, where each station holds something unique and different. Gift tables, guest book areas, dessert/sweet tables, signature drink stations and photo booths are all part of the “bigger” picture of the reception. 

Trevor Booth Photography, Windsor, Ontario

Candles cast a warm glow onto any space as they make everyone look young and glamorous. We say the more the the better for this soft, festive glow that denotes that something special is happening.

Beer, at wedding receptions is in and wine bars are out. The craft beer craze has transformed weddings and brides and grooms are toasting with it! This generation has made its statement about local brews and spirits. While wine and champagne still command a lot of attention, they have to compete with delicious, cold beer.

Everyone loves chocolate and brides are no exception as they say no to fountains this season and yes to chocolate fondue, which is hip and on a comeback. It’s always fun to share a pot of fondue with old and new friends.

Have you seen the latest in drink technology; the liquid nitrogen cocktail? Over the top signature drinks are flash frozen in front of guests making interesting creations like strawberry moonshine, s’more martinis, black pepper gin and mint juleps. Jell-O shots are back and they are more party worthy than just a shot of liquor. Glitter them up with sprinkles and flavours like banana, orange, strawberry and blackberry and you have an exceptional and fun creation.

Trevor Booth Photography, Windsor, ON.

Technology continues to impact weddings in ways that your mama never dreamed about. Websites, Instagram and Facebook pages connect couples to their guests and vendors in a way that wasn’t imaginable 20 years ago.  We just hope that the wedding invitation never goes away; they’re commemorative, sentimental and tactile, setting the stage for the look and feel of the entire day.

trevor cell2

It’s too easy for your guests to lose them in their email boxes and RSVP can be a virtual nightmare when you have a large guest count.  You can always use Evites for your Save the Date or a Bridal Shower  invitation, it’s a lot easier to manage with less invited guests. Your wedding hash tag is also a great way to broadcast your upcoming marriage and keep everyone on track and involved for the big day.

Many brides and grooms are setting a social media policy for their wedding day. It is certainly socially acceptable to limit photo-taking during the ceremony. It’s a day where they can ask for whatever they want. Couples have hired a photographer to capture their vows and document the moment for posterity.  A lot of them don’t want to be broadcast across the web, before they have an opportunity to post the good news themselves. Rest assured that if they have a policy in place, you will hear about it as the ceremony is about to commence.

As for gift-giving, today’s marrying millennials prefer receiving money to registering for traditional gift registry items. Most live together prior to their wedding day and they have all they need for their households to run effectively. These couples prefer adventure to material gifts and honeymoon registry, tickets to a concert or  cash gifts for a down payment for a home are welcomed.  Each couple, of course is different in their thinking, and most still register with a conventional shops to accommodate their cash adverse guests.