Wedding Dessert Sweets and Treats

There is more to nuptial desserts than wedding cake. A sweet table is everything to dessert lovers and a good choice for couples who want to serve more than just cake or possibly no cake at all.

Jaques Scheepers Photography, Windsor, ON.

Many avant-garde  options have become available to today’s couples, thanks to the creative minds and efforts of pastry chefs everywhere.

Often, instead of one large wedding cake, guests are now treated to their own individual mini wedding cake, complete with layers and elaborate decor.

For the bride with decision difficulties, there can be a cake for each table, decorated to order and each featuring a different flavour. For the young-at-heart, cupcakes, French eclairs, macarons, donuts and mini pies have emerged as a popular alternative to the traditional wedding cake.

Cupcakes of varying flavours and icing are decorated to match the theme and atmosphere of the wedding itself and are displayed in grand style.  Dessert bars and elaborate sweet tables have also become popular.

Blush Phtography, Windsor, ON.*cake photos: Jaques Scheepers Photography, Windsor