Wedding Cakes

In ancient Rome, the cake was broken over the brides head after the wedding. The guests then gathered up the crumbs, as good luck tokens for long life and many children. (We dont know what the bride did!)

The popularity of a pioneer bride was said to be judged by the size of her wedding cake. Guests would bring layers of cake, which were filled with applesauce and stacked. The more popular the bride, the taller and more numerous her stacks. Eventually, a baker put all the stacks together to create a tiered wedding cake with frosting.

John Lyons Photography, Windsor, ON.

The bride’s cake, symbolic of fertility and abundance, is traditionally a three-tiered white sponge cake, frosted in white royal or buttercream icing.

Today, almost anything goes for your wedding cake. That first bite becomes your guests last memory of the wedding dinner. An experienced baker can create a masterpiece for you of chocolate cheesecake, with filling flavours of Kahlua, Grand Marnier or Baileys Irish Creme.

Vérité Weddings, Dax Melmer Photographer, Windsor, ON.

A second dessert choice, traditionally a gift from the bride to her groom is the groom’s cake.

Dont forget about the sweet table, a mini- dessert buffet. It can include dozens of finger pastries, fresh fruits, tarts and confections. Macarons and French Eclairs with iced filling are sweets to watch for this season.