You’re Engaged… What Now?

Congratulations! There’s just so much to do! Where to start? What is the first thing you should do after becoming engaged?

Relax! Enjoy the moment! Allow yourselves a little time to simply enjoy the excitement, to talk and dream about your wedding, your honeymoon, and your future together. How will you set up your home as a married couple?

Your first steps should be to set a realistic budget and vow together to stick to it. The sky is the limit with planning and services; there’s so much choice and so many things you may want to invest in. But, remember, it’s only one day.  Pick one ‘luxe’ item that you can’t live without and do it well. Everything else will fall into place once you have set your priorities.

You’ve been dreaming about this very special day since you were little. Your good news has probably bubbled out as you’ve told a few people, family and friends but there’s no need to rush into future wedding plans until you’ve had time to enjoy the present moment. Your life partner has arrived and you need to cherish these oh-so-special, never-to-be-repeated days together.

Where shall we start? Don’t be overwhelmed with the details. Instead, try to make each step of your planning an event. Reserve a day to shop with your wedding party,  or with your mother. Treat yourself to a nice luncheon along the way. Plan a romantic Friday evening in a special spot to cap off a week of consultations.

Getting organized will help you put your wedding planning in order. Plan now to look back on these days as a wonderful adventure to beginning your “first steps together.”