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With 2009 wedding planning well underway, brides are flocking to the coolest venues, while learning about this season’s hottest trends that can make any wedding more unforgettable! Sheryl Davies, Publisher of the Wedding Guide Windsor/Essex County, is excited about this year’s trends and the possibilities they present. “Brides have more opportunities to inject their own personality and style into their special day as the rules continue to change. As long as the day is in good taste and everyone agrees, anything goes! “Non-traditional weddings continue to be on the upswing.” 2009 will call for a charming mix of modern and classic designs.

Today’s bride wants anything but ordinary. ELEGANCE, DRAMA, CHIC, OPULENCE will be the buzz words for brides this year for brides, with the key word being “GLAMOUR. Budgets will range from prudent to outrageous as today’s weddings are personalized and more influenced by the economy. Small budgets have inspired brides to be more creative, intimate and personal. Chic style will be the second biggest influence this year. Rather than huge weddings, where cost-cutting means a lack of details or fun, the 2009 wedding trends are full of amazing details meant for smaller, more affordable weddings.

Black wedding dresses and accessories were an emerging trend in 2008 and black continues to make bold statements. Black table linens and black and white colour combinations make for a sophisticated, modern look. Red is a new bold addition to the usual pastel wedding gowns and you’ll find it trimming bridesmaids’ gowns, adding a twist of modern romance to any non-traditional wedding. Vintage is also in, whether it’s mom or grandma’s dress or something found at a vintage clothing shop. Much like the glamour days of Hollywood, it’s evidenced in cap sleeves, strapless gowns, plunging necklines, antique lace or ruffles.

Bolder colours will be carried through from invitations to linens, wedding cakes and wedding stationery accented by the very personalized monogram. Monograms, once very popular will again play a huge role in making a wedding stand out as a memorable event, and they complement any décor. Jewellery trends start with lots of colour, beginning with the engagement ring. Emerald, topaz, garnet, turquoise and other precious stones as the centre are the big rage. Crystal is very much in style and injects more glamour at an affordable price. The look is Comfort is something modern brides are seeing and they will be changing from their wedding gowns and redoing their hairstyle for the reception. So elegant to look at, “couture” wedding cakes with gilded patterns, sequins, pearls and frills, polka dots and everything in between will remain in style. Sit-down dinners will not be as popular as in the past and the trend is food stations with a variety of foods, from appetizers to dessert choices.

Theme and ethnic weddings showcase progressive weddings with a different country’s cuisine for part of dinner. This concept also allows for different music and entertainment. For a non-traditional bride this adds a unique ingredient to her wedding day and accentuates the feeling of her reception. With invitations being hand-delivered and couples going green, this is a trend that will expand as the number of brides continues to opt- in, and in the ways that wedding professionals deliver more green options to these brides.

A new photography option is a “Post-Wedding Fashion Shoot, developed by photographer Steve Pomerleau of Windsor, Ontario, that is exciting and will suit any personal style. Steve states that “Wedding photos are quite limited because of time and the situation. After the wedding, couples have the freedom to create a statement for stunning fashion shots that are edgy and fun. Imagination and intrigue give this great new concept a certain extra and can be more relaxing and fun than the wedding day itself!” Black and white continues to be a popular choice.

Wedding planning directories such as The Wedding Guide, which is available in over 100 cities in North America and wedding consultants, are the most important factors in any planning, helping to arrange a wedding from start to finish. Consultants help people make memories because of their useful resources and professionalism. Enrolling them, will rescue the bride and groom from exhaustion on their wedding day, so they can relax and enjoy. Even if a bride elects to plan her own wedding, it’s worthwhile having a wedding consultant oversee the actual day. Ninety percent of couples who employ their assistance, report they enjoyed their day to the fullest. “Weddings can be big work,” states Davies, “Arranging professionals who understand, empathize and try their utmost to make the day the best it can be is one of the best things a couple can do.

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