Wedding Challenges, Conquests & Savvy Celebrations in the Age of Covid.

Wedding Challenges, Conquests & Savvy Celebrations in the Age of Covid
All You Need is Love!
Read about the wedding trends you’ll be seeing in 2022 and get ready to plan!
In 2022, the millennial demographic is now marrying, and they have overtaken the baby boomer generation with their fresh attitudes and a new vision. They are socially conscious and practice inclusivity and sustainability and they view their lives much differently than the generation that preceded them. They aren’t traditionalists, but they do know what they deem important and they are adamant about adhering to those beliefs.
More couples are eloping, being wed in civil ceremonies, and hosting intimate and cozy micro-events, due to the virus. They are marrying every day of the week now, and they are spending more time and care focusing on writing and reciting their wedding vows.
Ceremonies and micro-receptions will continue to be hosted outdoors in intimate settings; using parks, waterfront properties, barns, large tents, backyards, and other unique locations, for their smaller guest counts.
Pop-up weddings are beginning to surface in the U.S. as an efficient way to host a wedding. Couples agree to share a beautifully decorated space, at a set price, with other brides and grooms. It’s practical, efficient, and an innovative way to keep the budget manageable with others who are marrying on the same day.
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