Webcasting makes your wedding ceremony so close but so far-away! The Wedding Guide Windsor/Essex County gets invited to a cyber- ceremony!

My oldest friend and I met when we were both young; I was just 3 – he was a little older. We both know back then that we were the sibs neither of us had, because we were both only children. Our friendship has been an non-irrirant-  being constantly in each other’s life and we love each other to bits  for this beautiful friendship. When I married for my 1st time in 1971, my friend was my number one choice for my maid of honour. We broke tradition way back then, when everyone around us, was marrying in the same manner as their mother had previously; most traditional and predictable. And the evolution continues today in so many ways and styles than we ever could have imagined. Who knew that personalization and doing something unique would become the norm?

A few years ago, and after a long marriage ended, my friend met and fell in love with his wonderful bride, Sharon and the rest is history. They were planning a local wedding the last I spoke with them at the bridal show and then, suddenly we got an invitation to view their ceremony, live from the Flamingo Vegas- in beautiful Las Vegas. The message read: we didn’t want to wait any longer!

Friday was the day, and Sharon walked through the gorgeous, verdant gardens on the hotel grounds looking like the happiest woman in the world. Standing to greet her at the end of the path, near a fabulous, palm tree, she and Graham pledged themselves to each other and it was as beautiful as any wedding I had ever been to!

We watched in real time and it was such a pleasure being able to “be there” as it happened. Thanks you two for being so resourceful and sending your day to u s so we could share in your happiness. We wouldn’t have missed it for the world!

Whether you’re marrying at a destination far from home or you’re home and some of your favourite people can’t make it to your destinationa because of various circumstances, hook up a webcam and celebrate. There’s nothing like a milestone and even if you can’t be there in “person”, you can be there in full view!!

Bring on the mitzvahs (celebrations in Yiddush) and share it in style. What a wonderful way to be inclusive and sprinkle your happiness throughout the world of the ones you love.

Until later,

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