Planning Your Day- Weddings are a milestone- The Wedding Guide Windsor/Essex County

Photo by Trevor Booth Photography, Windsor, Ontario

“Good plans shape good decisions… good planning helps make elusive dreams come true.” Lester R. Bittel
The moment you accept a marriage proposal, your wedding planning becomes a reality. You may have a good idea of exactly the kind of wedding you want, but you may need some concrete ideas to help you to define your style before you make any decisions.

Solid information and protocol will help to keep you organized and, most importantly will also provide you with all the answers to all the questions that are asked every time a wedding is hosted.

The most important challenge to your wedding plans is to set and keep a budget. This is paramount to keeping your finance in line. It is easy to overspend when you start to make your appointments with all the vendors. Being realistic and knowing your limit will reduce your stress and make your day a success.

Be sure to check out the timetables, checklists, wedding budget calculator, financial obligations and many more tips, to assist you in staying on track. These are all downloadable files that you can print out and insert into your 3- ring binder and refer to, throughout the planning process.

Wedding coordinators offer many skills and services that will save you time from concept to completion, when you are planning your spectacular day. Their expertise in negotiating with suppliers is invaluable to you as you begin to plan the most important celebration of your life. They make all or some of the arrangements for your wedding – from invitations, catering, limousine rides – to entertainment, rentals, flowers and decorations. They intimately know local suppliers and can offer you their knowledge and expertise in any area of wedding planning. They are familiar with current trends and welcome unusual requests, such as unique site selections, or calligraphied invitations. A good wedding coordinator will be at your side throughout your planning and on your wedding day.

Your day, your way is the most important aspect of all the planning that you will do. Spend the time talking with your fiancé to make certain that you both have the same expectations. Being a team during your planning is a warm-up to your future.

Read more about wedding planning in The Wedding Guide available at selected bridal salons in this area.

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