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Making Dollars & Sense of a Wedding Budget

In a report I  read recently, it revealed that brides and grooms are very optimistic about their upcoming 2010/11 weddings. While the economy starts to point up again, bridal couples refuse to compromise on their big day, saying its their once in a lifetime dream day and they will figure out how to make it happen- their way- their milestone!

At The Wedding Guide Windsor/Essex County, we realize that there isn’t a bottomless budget with huge amounts of money to be spent , but some items will prove to be immenently more important than others due to their staying power. We’re here to help you make your day occur your way.

Trevor Booth Photography, Windsor, Ontario

Trevor Booth Photography, Windsor, Ontario

Your Photographer- Your Archivist
You want to be able to look back at your wedding day and love the memory-making that your photographer captured. There is no way to go back and redo a wedding once its over, so ensure that you check your photographer’s references and make sure that their portfolio is a handsome one. Also, ask if the photographer you are meeting with will be the one shooting your day. It’s important to have a good rapport personality-wise with your shooter as you will be spending the entire day and night together.

Most photographers today do a combination of photo-journalistic style (candids) as well as some traditional shots. If your idea of pictures is spontaneous, then you won’t want to spend the day standing like statues, being posed. However, do remember to include family group shots for future viewing. It’s important to chronicle the generations that are at your wedding celebration for future posterity.

Your First Trip as a Couple!
Your honeymoon is an important piece of your planning because it is the separation between your single life and your future married days together. Find a place that you can both unwind and decompress after all the months of wedding planning. You want to do things you enjoy together and enjoy this delicious time away. Don’t compromise on your honeymoon- you’ll always remember it vividly and be able to recount together as a couple for your entire life.

And if you’re thinking of last minute travel plans- stop now and reconsider. Friends have done it, despite warnings and found themselves disappointed in sub-standard places that just weren’t suitable for a honeymoon.

Human Wedding Décor!
An artsy, actor friend of mine was recently  hired to be a duo in a bride and groom “statue-like” feature at the reception. They held their poses, mannequin-like as decorative pieces in the hall, as well as mingling with the guests. It was a fun addition to the day and unique and fun!
Should you be interested in this type of entertainment- contact us and we can recommend them to you directly. I’m watching this as another new emerging trend as brides and grooms continue to personalize your days and put their signature style on everything about their wedding day.

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