Dressing the Groom in Style

Weeks and months are spent by the bride agonizing over the perfect wedding gown. What style to pick? Which gown will accentuate the bride’s best features? How much lace and tulle will make the gown a wow without going overboard? What type of neckline, detail and fabrics go into the perfect gown? Should it be long or short, white, ivory or coloured?

And, then there’s the poor groom. Does anyone pay attention to his wedding attire? He is often left to fend for himself, without having the slightest idea what he is looking for. Certainly he has heard of wing-collars, morning suits and cummerbunds. But does he even know what they are? Or when they are worn? Or what they look like?

Probably not and that’s where his loving bride comes in to help him select the fashions that are not only traditional and proper, but what looks best on him. And don’t forget the groomsmen. Though they too may be an afterthought, the syles they wear will add a sense of elegance to your wedding day.

Tuxedos are instantly classic and although the wearing of them has shown a decline through the last few years, there’s nothing that speaks James Bond for the special day. The trend today is back to the 50’s, vintage glam and retro-style, which themed is  a black and white affair; complete with martini bars and the Clark Gable look of the dashing gentleman. Sign onto this look and, the wedding party will be on trend.

Planning a wedding and including all the bride’ finery, glamour and bling works best when the whole wedding party is in the same formal feel. There are variations in tuxedo styles; one that will certainly work for the man-of -the-hour.

Remember that your picture-taking and memory-making will pay off dividends when everyone is suited up for the occasion in style. And, dad and future father-in-law are celebrating the milestone too. Don’t short-change them by by-passing on the tuxedo. It is a special occasion for two very special people- the bride and the groom and the elegance and style that are added to the day are priceless when they look back 20 years from now with their kids as they view the wedding album.

Until later,

Sheryl Davies


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