Here’s To You and Your Dreams- Wedding Planning Minus The Stress!


As anyone who has ever been though a wedding can tell you, the months leading up to your big day can be a time of stress as well as happiness… there’ s so much to think about and do.

What to wear.. where will the reception be held.. selecting flowers…. who will be in the wedding… and all this while you’re having inevitable doubts about  getting married in the first place.

Welcome to the wedding jitters, they are as common as weddings. Luckily there are ways to control any anxiety. Here are a few common sense suggestions:


Be open and honest if you’re feeling upset. Tell your fiancé or family what’s bothering you. Don’t try to keep stressful feelings to yourself, they may transfer to something or someone else. Take positive action whenever possible. Worrying never solved a problem.


Don’t assume you have to do everything yourself. This idea is old fashioned as well as exhausting. Ask your fiancé to go over the many checklists in The Wedding Guide and assist in handling as many of those planning functions with you, as he is able to.


It will give you the secure feeling that you are not forgetting something critical. Have a system. Break down each task into organized steps. Next decide the time frame and who will be responsible for that task. Then, set-up a completion date and stay on schedule.


In the beginning of your planning, you have several major areas to decide upon. Don’t try to tackle them all at once. Try to accomplish one major job a day.


Eat correctly and be sure to get enough rest and exercise. Take advantage of time tested soothers at night…. a hot bath… warm milk or a back rub. You will keep stress under control if you allow plenty of time to plan your wedding and then follow through with your schedule in a timely manner.

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