Counting Down the Weeks- Savvy brides blogging from The Wedding Guide

Well, we’ve been to two weddings this summer; both very different and I am somewhat relieved that they don’t resemble what Donald and I have been planning. We have managed to stay to our budget- we used the interactive budget planner in the Planning Section on website.

Our wedding is around the corner, in September. We are holding our breath that the weather doesn’t turn as swampy and humid as these last couple of  months have been.

Poor, Marlene;  she was wed two weekends ago and she looked beautiful but certainly warm, as she and Bruce smiled their way down the aisle, and then danced the Samba with their friends later in the evening. The temperature registered over 95 degrees, from mid-afternoon to late in the evening.

So back to our last two weeks. We are finalizing our guest list and of course, reviewing all the last minute details that we need to attend to. The caterer wants to have our final numbers and the photographer called to discuss the “secret” location that he wanted to whisk us away to, to shoot some wedding party images after the ceremony. We loved his suggestion but I can’t share it because, after all-it’s a secluded spot, reserved just for our photographs.

My mom and grandma are getting all emotional and also wondering why I opted to have a cupcake tower, instead of a wedding cake with a bride and groom atop it. They are loving the idea of a webcam to broadcast to all who cannot make it to the ceremony. The technology makes us all  so happy that our close friends and family will see us married, live- via the internet. Wow… And, then, we can post it on Facebook, so others can see it at the end of the day. How cool is that?

It’s going to be a busy week and I’m getting so excited to be a Mrs! Now, on to organizing the Rehearsal Dinner details.

I’m going to miss using The Wedding Guide- it’s been my saviour in many a situations and gave me the answers to a lot of the planning that I had no previous experiences with.