1 Day After Your Wedding from The Wedding Guide Windsor/Essex County

Everyone at the Wedding Guide wishes you all the best as a married couple!  May your future life be sweet and filled with wonderful memories, goals and dreams!



You’re still floating on air- it was the most perfect day of your life. Come back to reality for a moment and make certain that you’ve got the following taken care of to ensure a worry-free honeymoon.

1. Return the formalwear. If you will not be there, have the best man or a responsible family member     return them for you. Make sure all the rental items are there, including jackets, pants, ties, shirts and       shoes.

2. Make sure all the gifts are accounted for and placed in your secured location of choice. You may want leave them with someone, like your parents, as opposed to leaving them in an empty house while you are on your honeymoon. You  may want to record all monetary gifts immediately and deposit them in the bank before you leave.

3. Send your gown and flowers to be preserved. As with the tuxedos, if you are leaving on your honeymoon, make sure these tasks are left to a responsible person.

4. Make sure you have dropped a change of address card at the post office. If not, now’s the time to do it.

5. You may not have even slept there yet, but make sure you’ve locked your new home and left a set of keys with someone  trustworthy.

6. Make sure to take a copy of your marriage license with you on your honeymoon, especially if you are travelling overseas.

And, enjoy your honeymoon. If you are off to a hot spot in the Caribbean or other sunny location, be careful with the tropical sun. Buring yourself the first time outdoors will make for a miserable honeymoon. Take your sunscreen, and time your stay outside, increasing it a little each day.