Canadian Brides – Buying a Wedding Gown in The U.S. – Don’t be tempted!

He’s proposed and you said, I will. You have dreamed of your wedding day  and wearing that perfect gown, since you were a little  girl. You want  to feel radiant wearing it.  It is your day of days!

Now, that  day has arrived. It’s time to go  bridal gown  shopping! If you are considering making the drive across the border to get “something better” or “something cheaper”, think long and carefully. Make sure that your day is not marred by miscalculating what you thought the final cost would be. Remember too, that there’s the  cost  of the item and then, there’s the actual price. You and your fiancé  have sharpened your pencil, setting a budget;  but insist that you will have your day, your way. This is a busy time in your lives,  one that is high-charged with emotion and a great deal of decision-making. You don’t need any additional pressure.

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It may seem inviting to brides-to-be, to travel across the border to purchase their bridal attire, especially since we are so closely tied to the Michigan region.  But, buyer beware. That extra,  added time, expense and potential aggravation dealing with Canadian and U.S. Customs may jeopardize  your most exciting purchase.

You may find yourself paying for alterations or that the “sale” is final. In Windsor/Essex area,when you buy your gown at the bridal salon, the alterations are included.

Windsor and area bridal salons  in southern Ontario carry the top bridal  lines from all the great designers. They will make your shopping experience memorable . You must remember that the owners of our local stores are your neighbours, family and friends, who have invested time and money into our community. They establish their reputations by living and working here and being accountable.

Purchasing your dream gown usually takes five trips to the shop;  one to look, one to decide and multiple times with yourself and your bridesmaids for fittings and pick- up.  The additional expense of border-crossing fees and valuable time driving, excluding any delays at the border, bring any possible savings to zero. Asking your attendants to make these excursions with you can be infringing on their time and good nature.

One  must  also consider the potential of a crisis, days prior to your wedding.Who wants the aggravation of running across when you need that precious time for more important matters.  Imagine finding a small tear in your gown’s fabric or a loose bead or button. What happens if you gain or lose weight, due to stress after the alterations have been completed? Who is going to look after it  and  will be there be time available to remedy the problem? Securing a seamstress at the ninth hour can be a daunting task, when time is of the essence.

Bridal Specialists are dedicated to making the bride’s day beautiful.  Buy from your local suppliers with confidence, and know that you are an important consumer to them and not someone transient. A bride’s pleasure translates to valued referrals that continue to make their business viable.

Be a savvy bride and assess the reality of  how important your time and energy  will be throughout your wedding planning process. Eliminate any possible problems early by being realistic.

We wish you a beautiful day!