Spotting Floral Trends 2011 – That Memorable Scent

Trevor Booth Photography, Windsor, Ontario - will travel

Trevor Booth Photography, Windsor, Ontario, (will travel)

An emerging and big trend being spotted for 2011 is  one single flower in an all encompassing bouquet.  Its look is different and distinctive and it doesn’t have to be a budget-breaker. Why not choose your favourite flower for your bridal bouquet, but then choose other flowers  for the guest tables.

Be different and stand out from the crowd by using alternative containers like bamboo containers, old jugs or something that strikes your fancy that is not expected as a vase. Add a contemporary twist by choosing English garden flowers  in bright and unusual colour combinations like yellow, purple and lime greens.

The scent of the wedding in 2011 will be the predominant fragrance of the bride’s flowers. Scented candles will permeate the room making it smell fantastic and, so very personalized. This new twist is certainly in keeping with the popularity of warm, glowing candle light and adds an intimate feeling to any wedding reception.