Windsor, Ontario- Reflecting Your Style

Weddings! The ultimate day of dreams and planning. Every bride will wear a dress. Everyone will have some kind of wedding ceremony. Everyone will have some party and more than likely there will be cake that the bride and groom will cut.

As you can see, most weddings consist of many or all of the same elements. What will make your wedding unique will be the way your tailor the elements to reflect your own personality, your likes and your style.

We are researching how Windsor/Essex County brides are hosting their special day and the vision they have for their weddings.

Share with us what you are planning to do and the best entry from this area will win a $50 certificate from Season’s Bistro in LaSalle.

Deadline date is November 30, 2010.

Send your thoughts to [email protected] with the subject line, “my wedding.”

john lyons wedding gown

John Lyons Weddings

The Cake Lady, Windsor,

The Cake Lady, Windsor,

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