Wedding Locations

Twenty years ago there was no thought as to where a wedding and a reception would be held. The church or synagogue were the official ceremony sites and  the community hall or venue is where the partying mostly took place.

With dramatic changes in society and how things are done, today there are many more options for venue. From yachts to sandy beaches with glimmering sunlight, to museums, zoos, wineries, historic buildings and county clubs; brides have more choice than their mothers could ever imagine.

Themes are also paramount in wedding planning and the sky is the limit to what uniqueness can be achieved with a good idea and out-of-the-box thinking. From Hollywood sets to medieval themes, brides and grooms-to-be are having the time of their lives matching their lifestyles and personalities to their receptions.

From florals, food, invitations and fashion, today’s  weddings have taken on a whole new face. Guests marvel at the Monday morning water coolers, when they describe the weekend weddings they attended. Celebrations today are fun, unique and energizing and most definitely a treat to attend.

Now if you are a bride and thinking that all you ever wanted was a simple, traditional affair, don’t let anyone sway you.

Wedding Locations

Steve Pomerleau Photography, Windsor, Ontario- will travel

Traditional never goes out of style and what goes around comes around. Weddings are wonderful because no two are alike and they are dictated by the families, customs and personalities of the people hosting them.

Remembering the reason to marry is to spend your life with the person you love,planning sets the stage for the life you will be living in the future. Do it your way and put the touches you want on it and it will truly be a memorable event in your life.

Wedding professionals are there to assist you in translating your dreams into realities. Ask for references and employ their services if, and only if, you feel comfortable that they can do the job you want. Ask for references and talk to people candidly about the services that they received. Based on your research you will find someone compatible and at the budget you are seeking.

We’ll be talking more aboutr budgets, trends and wedding day planning!

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