Simple, Easy and Informative are what Brides Want When Planning Their Wedding

This article, written by  eWedNEWS, December 28, based in New York City,  focuses on what brides want and was written because of my reaction to some rollicking good discussions, that have been occurring on The eWedNEWS panel of professionals. As Publisher of The Wedding Guide Windsor/Essex County and the only Canadian onboard, I am honoured to be part of this esteemed panel of wedding experts and I look forward to 2011 and sharing what we uncover as a group, that is pertinent to you, the bride!

I’d love to hear your reaction as a bride and what you want to make your wedding day planning go as smoothly as possible. Please email me your thoughts.

May your New Year be filled with warmth, happiness, good health and love!

By Paul Pannone

Conclusions being formulated from eWedNews coverage of plentiful wedding websites point to brides searching for information pertaining to planning her wedding the way she wants in the time she wants. Information overload and conflicting opinions are confusing to her. New data shows the clutter is being cut out, as searches surge.

A recent Online Wedding Market Report from shows brides using search as the primary guide when planning weddings. Assisted by a rise in the  use of bridal magazines that provide viable, actionable and precise ways to help her plan the wedding is what she seeks.

Information that arrived late in 2010 that dealt with the clutter of wedding websites is being summarized by industry veterans that are restating what they’ve known for years. Sheryl Davies told eWedNews, “There are too many self- appointed, wedding wonders, who have launched sites adding to the clutter that is already out in the market place. Which one is a bride to choose? Bad information is worse than no information at all and those that are self appointed “pros” have hindered the real issue; that being good, relevant and sensible information for the bride. She’s planning a wedding- not working on a PHD. She needs to have answers – she doesn’t want should haves- she wants to know what the standard is. She is as busy as the rest of us in her daily life. She is sandwiching in planning a wedding between her personal and school/or working life.”

According to Davies a bridal website needs to be uncluttered. “Too much “noise” is confusing to her. Too much stimulation causes more confusion for her.” Davies and other wedding sources say simplicity ease and concise information is what’s driving them to search and seek out local vendors I her own time frame, rather than rely on a sea of websites offering similar wedding tools and conflicting suggestions.

Davies added, “There is so much inaccurate planning information and fluff out there and a good dust-off is needed. A good site is one where a bride-to-be can access what she is looking for in an easy, attainable format. There is no need to put the Bible on a postage stamp as some websites continuously try to do. A site can’t be everything to each bride. There has to be a reason d’etre for it to exist and it has to have common sense, valuable information. Businesses need to define their content to be relevant to their commodity.”

Davies has been following eWedNews since the start and has spoken candidly about the wedding business. Her expertise as both a vendor and publisher of a successful bridal publication continues to adjust to the needs of the changing bride.

‘The bride is the subject of this story. I hate to be harsh but I have studied many websites since the inception of the web and most are pathetic statements of a supplier who just shouldn’t be involved. Amateur sites are like the amateur suppliers out there. No direction but a quick need to make money. Some brides sniff this out but most are victims of overload and ineptness,” she comments.

Sheryl joins a growing eWedNews readership that is stepping up and speaking out against the fairy dust and baseless misinformation that has taken the money of many wedding vendors, particularly new entrées into the business cause by the recent economic challenges and unemployment.

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