Lounge Weddings-2011-in the comfort zone

I have been following an emerging, exciting trend for the past two years and it continues to gain momentum. In 2009, some brides debated whether to abandon the traditional head table for a cozy, table for two for herself and her spouse. The wedding party , they declared would be seated around them in restaurant- style seating. Although this is not the norm , it has been a change that has been spotted and noted.

Steve Pomerleau Photography, Windsor, Ontario- will travel
Steve Pomerleau Photography, Windsor, Ontario- will travel- Furniture, Modish Rentals http://www.modishrentals.ca

I am coining a new term  for this new decade. Weddings can be traditional in every respect until you break out in celebration at the reception. “The Lounge Wedding” is very much alive and growing in popularity.  Receptions today can be budget conscious,  yet Still be elegant, with colour coordinated themes, stunning floral designs and lots of sparkle and bling.  Chair covers add zip to the setting, and textured table coverings are laden with gorgeous beaded charger plates. Lighting has taken its rightful place too with the right mix of high and low “beams” in the appropriate places and chandelier fixtures, stategically place, add to the atmosphere.

Steve Pomerleau Photography, Windsor, Ontario, will travel

The newest addition to receptions that has caught our attention is the clubby and comfy modern, modular leather couches and square cubes, in black and white, that can be configured whatever way you wish and placed invitingly throughout the venue. Plush, rhinestone detailed pillows,( we saw amethyst and silver tones) adorn the furniture and  add further to a luxe setting.They provide a relaxing alternative to those banquet chairs that tend to grow more and more uncomfortable, after sitting through dinner and speeches.  They urge guests to “kick back” and enjoy quiet and private conversations after dinner has ended and the entertainment has begun. This bodes especially well for those guests who have not seen one another for some time or family members who are simply catching up on one another’s news.  It’s an intimate setting.

Photographers also love this lounge concept because they are able to capture the wedding reception in a new light with candid shots that are wonderful for the couple to have and look back on at a later date.  Seeing their guests so relaxed, comfortable and enjoying themselves in a living- room like-setting on their special day, provides great photo memories for the couple well into the future.

We walked through many bridal shows this month, but we were stopped in our tracks in our own hometown of Windsor, Ontario, at both the Wedding Odyssey and Wedding Extravaganza shows.

The first, great new find was a stunning, Bride and Groom booth, which was  white buttoned leather, high back and slightly curved.  A round table, beautifully appointed, pulled up to it for dining.  It was very intimate and very appropriate for a first meal together as a couple.  What made it especially appealing was that it could be used a stand alone or installed right  in the centre of a head table with the wedding party seated traditionally around the couple.  We also saw tall, white leather Bride and Groom Chairs which are quite elegant and reminiscent of thrones that were once reserved only  for royalty . These rental items add a new dimension to a wedding!

This emerging trend is linked directly to the clubs of today that are catering to this season of marrying couples. They are exclusive, comfortable,  and reminiscent of  the supper clubs of a bygone era, when tuxedos, cognac and cigars  were all the rage. . Today’s couples have spent their time courting on dates in these environments of today, and it’s now spilling over into their wedding planning.

Bride and Groom BoothIt’s a cool idea that is coming into its own for some weddings and I look forward to seeing it grow. There’s nothing like a wedding where the  comfort index is high and you indeed feel like an honoured guest. It’s all part of what makes the experience of attending a wedding such a good time. Every couple displays their personalities in different formats and the elements they are using today are not from their mother’s wedding!