Reality Wedding Video by Walter Riggi-The Bride & Groom are the Stars!

Life itself is the most important fairy tale of all: Hans Christian Andersen

Windsor/Essex County couples are  discovering that  Reality Wedding Video can be less expensive, more fun and value packed  than they ever would have imagined. It is no longer an item that’s dismissed as a frivolous expense.The Bride & Groom are the Stars: Reality Wedding Video, 2011 style!

The Bride & Groom are the Stars: Reality Wedding Video, 2011 style!

Making memories has become affordable and the concept is different than that of a photographer. It is totally candid and has sound. In the past, video was perceived as an expensive addition to a wedding budget. Today, it offers great value as a lasting keepsake.

This upcoming season, as couples continue to inject their personalities and unique signature style into their nuptials, we take a look inside a new trend in wedding videography,  a concept called  reality wedding video where the bride and groom star in their own reality-like TV show! This is their own personalized wedding story, shown in episodes!

Creating lasting wedding memories requires expertise in both shooting and editing.Windsor, Ontario based Videographer/memory maker, Walter Riggi, produces innovative work that is seamless and wonderfully laced with emotion and love. Walter is a seasoned 30 year professional,  who is great fun to be with, while constantly thinking outside-the-box to give his clients a more enhanced product and experience.

Capturing video and photographic memories from the engagement to the reception is extremely important in the wedding planning process. All couples are advised to schedule an early consultation to avoid losing their top choices because of local professional availability. All consultations are free and without obligation.

Walter  purchased his first video camera in Windsor in 1982, and his Dad provided great motivation. Today, he is a two-time Aegis Award winner, with his latest recognition for an outstanding production quality concept called, “Trash the Dress.”  To win an Aegis Award is an outstanding achievement. It is given for recognition to people and organizations responsible for developing some of the most effective video/film productions being produced today. Riggi is included in this prestigious group of professionals.

Walter’s specialty is creating a memory- in-motion. His trademark style coupled with his creative flair, offers a sensory experience that is raw, real and in the moment.  Reality Wedding Video (RWV) is the name of his company, and Riggi brings fun to wedding planning by capturing a couple and their uniqueness from “I will to I do”.

Riggi creates wedding stories that are treasured forever. Sweet kisses,  innovation and all the unique touches in an animated story about the bride, her fiancé, family and guests. It is truly a one-of-a-kind chronology.

Video captures the essence, wonder, motion and excitement of a wedding day as nothing else can.  Reality Wedding Video tells the love story, heartbeat by heartbeat. The sounds and images will be part of a living record of the wedding day, forever.

As an emerging trend in 21st century weddings, videography is hot again as an art form. It isn’t your parent’s video and couples today understand that RWV is capturing moving pictures, not still pictures of life, as it is happening.

See  Reality Wedding Video, produced by Walter Riggi, based on a real couples and their weddings: