Wedding Toasts from The Wedding Guide Windsor/Essex County

Pieces of toasted bread or croutons were placed in the bottom of the glass to provide nourishment for the bride and groom.

Either the best man starts the toasts by standing and tapping his glass or the Master of Ceremony announces the toast. The
best man usually tells a short story of how the couple first met or a humourous tasteful anecdote about the groom and the bride.
He then makes a wish for their happiness and everyone (except the bride and groom) raises their glasses and toasts the couple.
Toasts may then follow his toast from the bride’s honour attendant and then the bride and groom’s parents. The couple then follows with special toasts to their parents, to their attendants and finally to each other, usually with the groom speaking first. They may then intertwine their arms and drink from their toasting glasses or goblets.
The amount of champagne needed for the toast is calculated as follows: A 26 oz. (magnum) of champagne will serve
approximately 8 glasses. So for 100 guests, you will need a case of 12 per toast. Some toasts heard around the world are:
French: Salut
Hispanic: Salud, Dinero y Amor
British: Cheers
Italian: A la Salute
Hebrew: L’Chayim
Chinese: Nien Mien Ju E
Scottish: Lang May Your Lum Reek