Brandon Scott Introduces “First Look Photography”

Breaking Down Photography Superstitions, Brandon Scott Photography, Windsor, Ontario, Introduces “First Look!”

Superstition has stated forever, that it is bad luck when the bride and groom see one another before the ceremony.  With Emily Post Manners now saying it’s okay to toss out the stuffy stuff, many couples are catching on to this new emerging trend and embracing it with excitement. We thank Brandon Scott, Brandon Scott Photography for bringing this emerging new trend, “First Look” to our attention.

Brandon Scott Photography

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“First Look” is worthy of a discussion because of the additional pleasure it provides the couple with, both on the wedding day, as well as into the future. It is an emerging trend that captures love, sentiment and raw emotion for everyone in the wedding party. It’s a private moment for those special people involved in the celebrations of the day.

From a photography point of view, there are a lot of benefits to a couple seeing each other prior to the ceremony. It is definitely a remedy to calming pre-wedding jitters and it allows for a much smoother timeline for family pictures, the cocktail hour and portraits of the bride and groom alone. By capturing the “first look” and formal photos before the ceremony, you, your family and bridal party are fresh and laced with the excitement and anticipation of the day. After the ceremony, they can mingle and it allows the bride and groom to enjoy more time with guests at the reception. While incorporating a “first look” into a wedding timeline is great for some couples, it might not be the thing for you. I suggest doing what feels right for you, and what will make you the happiest and most stress-free.

You can get some very touching photographs from your photographer, as you see each other for the very first time before the ceremony.  Some brides just want to have that first private moment to say I love you, and hear from their groom how beautiful she looks. This is a special time, privately sharing another “first” together.

For some brides and grooms who would like their photographs taken before the ceremony but want mystique of the wedding setting, they can combine the two.

Some brides and grooms meet with loved ones at the actual site of the ceremony prior to the wedding. In that instance, only close family members sat in the pews while the couple stood in the aisle. It adds an intimate moment for them and their families.

For couples who would like their photographs  shot before the ceremony but want the aura and mystique of the wedding setting, they can do both. Couples have been photographed with their loved ones at the ceremony site, before the weddings.  Only close family members sat in the pews while the couple stood in the aisle. It’s a special experience for the couple, as well as for their loved ones looking on.

If photography and all the moments of your wedding day are of vital importance to you and your groom, then breaking down superstition will allow you to capture your togetherness from early in the day to the your departure from your reception.

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