Wedding Planning Grand Introductions for the Newly Married

Receiving lines at your wedding reception can be long, tedious and time consuming. Even if each of 200 guests take only 30 seconds to wish the couple well,  it could take as long as one hour. But it can be an important portion of your reception if you want your family and wedding party to personally meet and share a few moments with your guests.

Many couples are choosing to enter the reception site with a grand introduction and use the time to greet guests at their tables instead. This is the first introduction as a legally married duo! This grand introduction is exciting, dynamic and a 21st century way of introduction.

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The announcement is made by the DJ or band leader, who introduces the newly marrieds,  then their attendants in the order they exited the ceremony. The introduction can be as brief as “meet the new couple” or if the couple prefer, a more detailed introduction sets an intimate atmosphere for the reception. The announcer will need the phonetic spelling of the wedding party’s names.

After the grand introduction, the couple will then move around the reception,   greeting the guests. The atmosphere is much less formal and group photographs can be taken from table-to-table. It is dynamic, hectic and whirlwind; very celebrity style!

Many couples love this new alternative to the traditional receiving line of the past. However, if you prefer the traditional way and feel that it will be the best method of introducing your guests, feel free to continue using this tried and true tradition. Each wedding has different circumstances and the formality of the reception,  your individual style and your personalities as a couple, will dictate what you choose and why.