Wedding Planning Your Wedding Makeup

You have arranged for all your wedding services;  flowers, photography, invitations, your menu and a DJ, but don’t overlook the single detail that will make yours a visually stunning wedding;  your face! The makeup you wear every day is probably not the best choice for your wedding day. So before saying, ” I Do”, take time to find a good makeup artist to do the job for you.

Spas, beauty salons, a friend referral or a photographer can lead you to a competent and trustworthy professional. We urge you to do a trial run for your attendants and your moms  before the wedding day, to ensure that everyone loves the results. You’ll want a coordinated look so your photos are terrific. What you don’t want is for  anyone to  feel that they don’t “look too overdone”!  This dress rehearsal will ensure that everyone is comfortable and confident for the big day.

A professional is there for you when you are too nervous to keep that mascara wand steady and your excitement cannot be contained. It is not the time to do it self – after all it is your wedding day! Pamper yourself and leave the job to a professional!