Wedding Planning Personalized Cake Toppers


Whimsical and personalized, today’s cake toppers have meaning for that couple who want some symbolism in their wedding reception.  Wedding cakes are still show stoppers and there are some magnificent designs; if you can dream it, you can have it.

With the arrival of TV shows like the Ace of Cakes,  there is a new fascination for cake design, theme and uniqueness.

Made of cake dough, these cake topper cuties can commemorate the colours, clothing and theme of their first date or engagement.

John Lyons Photography, Windsor, Ontario- will travel

With a trend to signature style and more individuality being infused into weddings, we, at The Wedding Guide think that this is a very clever idea with meaning, that can be used by any couple that is creative and fun-loving. It is a new trend with no history of tradition quite like this.

Groom’s cakes are back too, after a hiatus of many years.  Brides, this is the perfect accessory to honour the top of his cake too!  Make it fun and a one-of-a-kind, like your love story! Cake toppers are just plain good looking.