Florals for Your Wedding Season

Years ago, when deciding what flowers were accessible to you at different times of the year was rather easy. Spring flowers in the spring, summer ones in summer etc. However, with the worldwide floral markets opening up and becoming more global, the availability of blooms is greater although there are still some recommendations and restrictions.


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When you consider your flowers, reminder to consider the season. Here in Southwestern Ontario, we are climate and seasonally influenced, meaning tulips in July although available, do not show as well as they do in March or April.  Not only do they look better, they smell better and are usually a less expensive price.  When there are lots of blooms growing at once, it does drive the price down.

Know too, that nature can change everything due to crop failures from frost, floods, drought and other natural occurences. Not all flower shops can access every flower. Different importers offer different choices;  smaller centres sometimes cannot bring in enough of one type to justify the cost.

Be creative and flexible when you pick your flowers for your bouquet and wedding accents for your attendants, Maid of Honour and Best Man.  Flowers are romantic, smell great and add a celebratory feel to any wedding day!

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