Marcy’s Cakes is a Sweet Wedding Experience!

Eleven years ago, Marcy Milne found her grandmother’s recipe book with its handwritten notes,  written in the margins and she hasn’t looked back. While studying for her  Masters and Doctorate degrees,  she started Marcy’s Cakes and after her graduation, she returned to cake baking as a full time occupation.

Photo: Marcy's Cakes

Cake decorating is an art much like photography and Marcy has her own unique style. Her custom cakes are fresh; eggs, milk, butter and sugar are natural ingredients that produce a beautiful and delicious cake. With many flavours, fillings and icings to choose from and with names like Sunshine Lemon, Calypso Coconut, 24 Carrot and Golden Almond, her cakes have been discovered by Windsor and area brides-to-be.

Fillings for cakes vary and Marcy makes everything from Vanilla Chai Latte to butter cream, ganache, cream cheese and the traditional fruits. The choices are endless and her creativity is always up for a new challenge.

Photo: Marcy's Cakes

Her handcrafted,  specialty cakes, cake balls and cupcakes are an indulgence and look as good as they taste. Each cake is made from scratch and they are simply unique in design and flavours, reflecting the personal taste of the couple’s wedding theme.

Anything goes for today’s cakes, including Milne’s Tuxedo cake with alternate layers of vanilla and chocolate cake filled with vanilla butter cream and chocolate ganache, Pink Lady, a vanilla cake layered with raspberry and vanilla buttercream and Breakfast at Wimbledon,  layered with strawberries and whipped cream. Her flavours,  fillings and exterior finishes will make  your mouth water.

Marcy recently appeared on Slice Network’s, Cake Walk and showed off her style, baking a stunning Hollywood themed  wedding cake that was a wow!  Decoration is all important and she can take any idea and produce a memorable dessert. She knows that after a day of celebrating, nothing will taste as good as a freshly prepared, beautiful custom wedding cake.

Photo: Marcy's Cakes

The wedding cake is also  a focal point and second only to the wedding dress for attention, as well as being the spot for many picture- taking memories at the reception. Milne takes great effort to “touch” it as if it were her own. Weddings are special for her and the details are ever- important, as she takes pride in adding those touches to make it spectacular.

Marcy is also baking the Groom’s Cake,  which is  a gift from the bride to the groom, which is a delightful way to honour him.  It can be  modeled after a hobby, sports or a special interest. It is served at the rehearsal dinner or presented any time during the wedding celebration.

Her new shop scheduled to open  October 18 and Milne is now booking weddings into 2012. Her custom cakes and dessert confections are only limited by your imagination.

Come to Marcy’s Cakes for endless  wedding possibilities,  authentic elegant taste treats  and the sweetest moments of your wedding day! Specializing in wedding, cheesecakes, cake balls, cupcakes  and special event cakes.

2694 Howard Avenue, 519-962-1099,