Wedding Inspiration 2013

We’ve been following the 2013 upcoming wedding season and there are just so many great ideas that this year’s brides can turn to for inspiration.

Wedding gowns have definitely shifted from white and ivory to  popular pink this season and the pinks are simply stunning! You can literally get married in any colour dress you choose.


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We’re seeing a lot of lace, big and small trains and intricately designed dress backs and fronts, laden with details like pearls and beads that are fantastic. The ball gowns with their huge skirts are back as well as the svelte and stylish ones.  Today, you can marry in any colour that you want. There are more sleeves this year versus the strapless styles that have been so popular these past seasons and jackets are also a feature. Today look is very feminine and pretty with lots of lace.

Bridal shoes are one of the hottest accessories in fashion today and there is no limit to the styles and colours available. They can be full of bling; and flat or heeled, as they peek out from under your wedding gown. We love the fact that they are so varied, stylish and beautiful!

Bridal gloves are back, but they are just starting to gain some traction. There haven’t been many, but they are being showcased in some of the fashion ads. We are closely watching what develops.

Veils  are available in both short and long styles; in lace and tulle and they are a sight to behold.

Fascinators, made popular by the wedding of Kate Middleton to her Prince William are emerging as a popular head piece once again, after a long hiatus.  Hair clips are huge accessories as are hair braids. We are predicting that we will see more braids during this upcoming season, sprinkled with gems, clips and glitter. And, hats for guests are making a small comeback after an absence of many years.

Bridal parties continue to wear the same shade of bridesmaid dresses but in different styles; we love this idea because the dresses can be worn at another time and won’t sit unused in a closet after the nuptials.

Regal purple, blush pink, tangerine, gold, silver and gem tones continue to be the colours of choice for this year, but we are also seeing rainbow weddings, where every colour is utilized. They are joyous, bright, bold and a sight to behold.

Grooms are back to wearing tuxedos and it’s great to see them complementing their brides. Today’s tuxedo is not like their father’s, it is fresh, new and 21st century in design adding a feel of special to the day!

A bridal gown is the most thought out garment for the wedding day and when so much time, energy and money is spent, it’s great to have a well attired groom by her side. Their photographs will also be more striking when they are both dressed in sync and looking like a million dollars.

Bow ties are back in a big way for grooms and their groomsmen; they are making a hit in many colours and patterns.  Pocket squares are also available in all shades to coordinate with the bridesmaids’ colours.

Bouquets this season are gorgeous with colourful and awesome flowers.  Some are sprinkled with rhinestones and flowers or are just made of gems or ribbons. They are stunning and certainly not your mom’s bouquet. The look is fresh and unique and each one is a work of art.

Wedding cakes are big and small; tiered, individual and mini, They are more astonishing in design than one could ever imagine. They are lavishly decorated and the flavours are varied.  Cupcakes towers are still popular, as are macarons and they are fun!  Groom’s cakes are back and dessert bars are huge and laden with all kinds of sweets and stunning chocolates, fruits and pastries.

Cookies are also making a huge comeback and they are superbly decorated. We saw some this past week that were exquisitely beautiful decorated with bridal themes.

Food stations and mobile food bars are big with so many delightful choices for menus and beverages.  Specialty coffee, ice cream, gelato, waffles and crepe bars are getting rave reviews! Guests love the innovation of today’s weddings and feel so spoiled with the elaborate food choices that are available to them.

Lounge furniture also continues to be items that couples are requesting for a more intimate and relaxed reception feel. Chair covers are evolving from the simple covers that they began as to a fancier incarnation with ruffled covers.

With the arrival of wedding season 2013, if a bride can dream it, she can have it. More outdoor weddings are taking place on farms, on beaches, (both homegrown and in exotic locations) and in beautiful tents.  One venue for the ceremony and the reception continues to be popular as brides find locations in barns, historic sites, re-purposed warehouses, vineyards, golf courses and private clubs.

Photo booths continue to be  popular and a fun ice breaker for guests to meet one another. Some hold up to 10 persons with fun props; and the photo produced is a great favour to take home.

Our job is to bring these grand ideas to you, our local brides so that you can choose what makes you happy and what is economically viable for your budget. We know that The Wedding Guide Windsor|Essex County works with great, reputable wedding professionals who can deliver what you want with flair, while working within your budget.

Watch this blog page throughout this season of proposals, as we continue to be committed to bringing you all the wedding news from around the globe. As we see innovative ideas and great tips, we will be sharing them with you both here on our blog, as well as on our Facebook page-

Every couple’s wedding has a different style and feel to it and each one brings love, dreams and family together to celebrate a new union.

We salute all our wedding professionals for the creative and talented work that they provide to this industry and for making all the dreams come true!