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“The manner of giving is worth more than the gift.” Le Menterur:  Pierre Corneille, 1642

The first bridal shower was in Holland, when a young woman fell in love with a poor man. While her father said no to the proposed marriage, her friends, “showered her” with gifts so she could marry without a dowry.

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 The bridal shower today is  a evolution of history, with their friends and relatives wanting to see them starting life well equipped!

There are many different ways that a wedding shower can be hosted in the 21st century.  Girls Night Out where the bride is living,  or a trip out of town have become very popular. There are all types of venues to choose from. Or the traditional restaurant is always a fine option. Budget and the personality of the bride will be the best way to approach this party.

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The rules of etiquette for a wedding shower apply only to the hostess and the guest list. No member of the bride’s or groom’s family should host the shower.  Traditionally it is up to the Maid of Honour to plan this event. or a special aunt or cousins.The bride’s mom should be spoken to about the guest list. If a name appears on more than two lists, the hostess may call to tell that person to request that she need not bring a gift. Two showers should be the limit.

Send out shower invitations after those for the wedding have been mailed. Invite only those who have been invited to the wedding.

If you are invited to a wedding shower, you must give a gift, whether or not you are attending. The gift should be taken to the shower or given to the hostess, prior to the party.

Trevor Booth Photography-- award-winning studio

Trevor Booth Photography– award-winning studio

Invitations to a shower can be extended by note, telephone, word of mouth or via email.

It is not necessary to invite everyone who goes to a shower to the wedding, but it is good etiquette to send them an announcement after the wedding.

Ensure you send your thank you notes for your shower prior to the wedding day.