Gretna Green & Wedding Bells at the Windsor/Detroit Border

Back in the years around 1909 through 1911, Windsor was known as “The Gretna Green of Canada.” Gretna Green suggests wedding bells on short notice, and Windsor provided that for American couples who wished to marry in haste, usually through elopement. More than six times a day, couples from across the borders were tying the knot much to the chagrin of their parents, who had no idea that the marriage was occurring.

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Because there were no regulations to prevent Americans from being wed on Canadian soil in Windsor, Ontario and because there was no three day waiting period after obtaining the license to wed, Windsor became known as the marriage capital.

In 1920, when a new provincial statute was introduced that required that three day wait,  these five minute marriage ceremonies effectively stopped.  It was those events in Windsor that lead to the changes in the law books, right across the province of Ontario.

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Whatever the reason, whatever the season, the number of  first-time weddings in Canada averages about 150,000 couples a year.  When the big day arrives, savour every precious moment, whether you are the bride and groom or a wedding guest.  A large commitment has gone into making certain that this wedding day is the best wedding you will ever attend.

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