Plugged or Unplugged for your Ceremony?

This is not your mother’s wedding!

Weddings in the 21st century have evolved with today’s technology. Live-streaming, social media, cell phones and mobile devices have forever changed the format of ceremonies and receptions.

Alisha Toole Photography, Windsor, Ontario Alisha Toole Photography, Windsor, Ontario

The use of modern technology at weddings started to emerge many years ago, when my best friend and his bride were married in Las Vegas.

I was invited to a live-stream webcast of the ceremony, on a Friday afternoon, and it was a real treat to sit at my office computer, and see them tie the knot in real-time, in the gardens at the Hilton Las Vegas.

Today, in our “social” world, brides and grooms create wedding websites, as soon as they get engaged; where they blog and fill people in on everything related to their plans for their special day, from a sample of the bridesmaids’ dresses to their choices of gift selections for the bridal registry.

John Lyons Photography, Chatham, Ontario

Couples are creating wedding #hashtags for their invitations so guests can use them when uploading and broadcasting their photos during the wedding day and reception. It’s all about memorable posts and tweets for everlasting memories.

This season’s receptions are sporting charging stations that are set-up on beautifully decorated tables that serve as a convenience for their guests’ cell phones and mobile devices. This is certainly a thoughtful gesture and a natural evolution of hospitality that didn’t exist 20 years ago!

With the popularity of cell phones and social media, one can broadcast a wedding with ease. The phone’s camera is ready for guests to take pictures of the couple at the altar and they can immediately capture “the kiss” before the couple see it, as well as broadcast it live for all those who were unable to be present.

Taking pictures during the ceremony has become quite a controversial topic with brides and grooms asking, “Is it appropriate for guests to take photos of us during the ceremony, when we have hired a photographer?” They also feel it is a special moment and they would like it to be unobtrusive and free of any interference.

While some couples don’t mind,  others are chiming in and asking their guests to unplug. After all, without the ceremony, there would be no marriage. It is up to you both to decide if you want this to be a ‘plugged’ or an unplugged’ event. Signs can be posted or your officiant can indicate before you begin, what your wishes may be.

The only thing that makes your marriage a marriage is the wedding ceremony. The reception is the party – the culmination of your love and plans for the future years ahead.

We have spoken with many couples who have been disillusioned after the fact, by the disruption of their vows. When the guests are active and taking photos, there is an energy that they feel is not necessary for the occasion.

Your ceremony is a solemn time that starts your married life together. Leave any disruptions out while you commit to one another. This is your moment together- your time to seal your love and commitment.

The controversy about plugged or unplugged has been huge and most couples prefer the quiet intimacy of the ceremony without any added confusion.

A professional photographer has been trained to capture those defining emotions. They will take those shots that will be yours forever- and they will get the best ones.