Wedding Preview 2018:

The common thread to every wedding has to be the ‘heart and soul’ that goes into its planning.

The days leading up to your nuptials will be filled with many details;  all those special touches that will flavour your celebration. From down-home to deluxe,  from county to urban settings, the occasions that really stand out as truly unforgettable are the ones  filled with sincerity, emotion and sentiment.

Today’s couples  seek the unique and spectacular and in 2018 there will be no exception . It is no surprise that they want their guests to feel engaged and to be involved; it’s an experiential event and they want everyone who leaves to say, “ that was so different, but so them!”

And that takes planning. It’s going to be a year of elegance; one of beautiful fashion and lots of dazzle- from food to flowers, to invitations, there will be lots of tradition infused in the minutia.

In the early Fall, Pantone introduced 12 new colours and bold shades are in- colours that have a sense of fun and play.  A few notables in the palette that continue to be bridal favourites are  Ultraviolet which is intriguing and filled with fascination, romantic Pink Lavender and Meadowlark, a brilliant, expressive yellow.

When you think the fashion designers couldn’t possibly get any better, they once again outdo themselves. This year, black bridal gowns are on the runway again; stronger in presence than last season with its modern and edgy feel. Intricate lace and off the shoulder styles continue in popularity.You’ll also see a lot of  florals with black ribbon accents, black pom poms, belts and bows. 

Bows will be seen everywhere, topping bare shoulders, to adding style inspirations on invitations, menu cards and seating charts. You’ll even see ribbon accenting a  Croquembouche, the traditional French wedding cake made with choux buns and stuck together with caramel.

Over-the-top decor takes centre stage with cutwork lace draping and metallic copper and gold. Venues will be bathed in candlelight, crystal chandeliers and stunning lighting features. Backdrops will be the star of the reception, covered in flowers, lace fabric or pearls. They can be used both as a backdrop for the ceremony and later for the head table. Look for elegant seating charts and beverage menus, etched on elaborate glass mirrors.

Desserts continue to be a highlight with hand painted cakes, cakes made of cheese rounds, naked cakes and, the expected and elaborately iced traditional tiered ones with buttercream icing. Sweet Trays, fresh fruit and other treats entice guests after the wedding meal.

So, if you’re tying the knot in 2018,  after all is said and done, everyone will look back on a beautiful celebration, with fond memories,that was as unique as the couple themselves.



©The Wedding Guide Windsor|Essex County

Photo: Trevor Booth Photography, Windsor, ON.

Seating Chart created by: See You There Invitations, Windsor, ON.