Aisle Style: Setting the Stage for 2018 Weddings

As seen in Biz X Magazine, February Issue, 2018

Aisle Style – A 2018 Preview for Windsor-Essex by Sheryl Davies, Publisher, The Wedding Guide Windsor|Essex County. A look at what to expect to see this year at wedding celebrations.

The common thread to every wedding has to be the ‘heart and soul’ that goes into its planning. The days leading up to a wedding day are filled with many details; all those special touches that will flavour that wedding celebration. From down-home to deluxe, from country festivities to large urban settings, the occasions that really stand out as truly unforgettable are the ones that are filled with sincerity, emotion, and sentiment.

Today’s couples seek the unique and in 2018 there will be no exceptions. It is no surprise that they want their guests to feel engaged and involved. It’s an experiential event and their greatest desire as everyone partakes in this special day is to hear them say the words, ‘that was so different, but so them!’

Creative weddings take thoughtful planning, that is as imaginative as the couple themselves. It’s going to be a year of elegance: one of beautiful fashion and lots of dazzle, from food to flowers, there will be lots of tradition infused in the minutia.

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