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In 2017, Name Change is a Consideration for Either Spouse

The decision to change your name is a personal one that some brides and grooms choose to address, well before their wedding day. There are many options, but only you and your future spouse can decide what’s best for your union.

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Wedding Photography Tip of the Day

When you contract your photographer, ask about a “Plan B”. If the weather is inclement and your dreams of photos in the park, the city centre or on the beach are dashed by a downpour, Where are you going to go to capture your memories?


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Shopping for Your Wedding Gown!

Trevor Booth Photography, Windsor, Ontario

Most women began planning their wedding day when they were little girls; imagining the gown, the veil, the shoes and the glittery jewellery. So it’s also not surprising that brides-to-be start looking for their dream dress a week or two after they are engaged. Some searches take brides far and wide

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Wedding Dessert Sweets and Treats

Jaques Scheepers Photography, Windsor, ON.

There is more to nuptial desserts than wedding cake. A sweet table is everything to dessert lovers and a good choice for couples who want to serve more than just cake or possibly no cake at all.

Many avant-garde  options have become available to today’s couples, thanks to the creative

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Will Boutonnieres be The Wedding Sleeper of 2017?

This fashion accessory has become a fun addition to your wedding flower order. Its distinctive, pint sized and “just- picked look” make them a delightful detail

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