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Wedding Preview 2018:

he common thread to every wedding has to be the ‘heart and soul’ that goes into planning. The days leading up to your nuptials will be filled with many details;  all those special touches that will flavour your celebration. From country to urban settings, the occasions that really stand out as truly unforgettable, are the ones  filled with sincerity, emotion and sentiment.

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Wedding Guide Tip of the Day, Wednesday, October 18, 2017

This is not an ordinary day and special planning goes into your wedding preparations. It is imperative that you do things in a chronological order, work with professionals and stick to your budget. There are so many details to navigate through- about 40 categories where your crucial decisions will influence your wedding day. Be an organized and stress-free bride-to-be. Always get references and always, compare apples to apples and get more than one quote. . Without a contract, it never happened so when you decide on a service provider, get it in writing. That way you both understand what it is you are contracting for.

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Valuable Special Offers Found Here

Did you know that most brides and grooms spend more than they budgeted for when planning their wedding day? At The Wedding Guide Windsor|Essex County, our reputable wedding professionals understand and help you save along the way. Check out our website and find other planning tips that will help you out. Our interactive budget calculator, timetables, checklists and advise will help keep you organized and stress-free!!

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Bridal Garters- one of the oldest wedding traditions

Bridal garters date back to 14th century England, where it was believed that they would bring good luck to anyone who was able to obtain a piece of the bride’s attire on her wedding day. Guests would literally tear the bride’s dress, for a piece of the fabric, much to the dismay of the bride and groom. As history progressed, and in order to keep the bride’s attire intact, a garter was made for the groom to throw at the guests. This resulted in quite aggressive and rowdy behaviour as the male guests tried to remove the garter from the bride’s leg.

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Wedding Guide Tip of the Day, Saturday, October 7, 2017

With assigned seating, you guests will be more at ease. Being attentive to your guests, their comfort and their enjoyment is paramount at any celebration.

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