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Weddings are one of few milestones that we celebrate on life’s path and The Wedding Guide Windsor|Essex County works with professional wedding vendors who have a passion and flair for the work they do. We carefully learn about them and understand the calibre of work that they provide. We are comfortable and confident with their integrity.

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Wedding Guide Tip of the day, October 6, 2017

When shopping for your vendors, spend time with each one of them. Get three quotes and be very clear about what you want from them. When you make your final decision, compare apples to apples and get everything in writing. If you don’t have it on paper, it never happened. Work with reputable professionals for the quality and the service you deserve.

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You’ve made a commitment So have we! Let our wedding professionals cater to your every need. For perfect wedding planning @ your fingertips Area brides trust the time honoured advice of  The Wedding Guide Windsor|Essex County Online and in print, we are the area’s #1 planning resource.Weddings, planning

Today’s Wedding Photo, October 5, 2017

When thinking about your wedding day, you will always look back fondly at your “first dance.” It will be a highlight and memorable moment of the culmination of all your months of planning. This is a memory-making experience that will enhance your lives together forever as a defining moment.

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Wedding GuideTip of the Day, Thursday, October 5, 2017

When booking your wedding venue, always ask what is included in the rental fee. Some places only offer the site and you rent the amenities. Others give you a wider selection. Be sure the inclusions are listed on your estimate. Extras may include cutting your cake, valet parking and providing

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