Aisle Style 2018

Creative weddings take thoughtful planning that is as imaginative as the couple themselves. It’s going to be a year of elegance: one of beautiful fashion and lots of dazzle, from food to flowers, there will be lots of tradition infused in the minutia.

Today’s couples seek the unique and in

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Wedding Tip of the Day, Your Ceremony

Jaques Scheepers Photography Windsor

A party is a party unless it’s a wedding ceremony. Make it truly unique with words that are meaningful to you and your future spouse.

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Thinking of Changing Your Name? It’s a Personal Choice

The decision to change your name is a personal choice that both brides and grooms may address. There are reasons to change but think it through carefully before you make the change.

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You’re Engaged… What Now?

There’s just so much to do! Where to start? What is the first thing you should do after becoming engaged? Relax! Enjoy the moment! Allow yourselves a little time to simply enjoy the excitement, to talk and dream about your wedding, your honeymoon, and your future together

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We’ve Got Your Local Wedding Plan

You are planning the most expensive and biggest party you’ll ever throw! The options you have in front of you are as varied as your guest list. Breweries, wineries, historic buildings, art galleries, golf clubs and local riverfront beaches– the choice in  Essex County locations is endless.

We have superb wedding  suppliers from bakers

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