Wedding Tip of the Day, Friday, March 31. 2017

Your wedding photgraphs are your memories of the day. One of the most photographed areas of the day, after the ceremony and your wedding party, are the images of you cutting your cake and serving each other that first piece. You’ll want a beautiful background to frame your cake.

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Plugged or Unplugged for your Ceremony?

This is not your mother’s wedding! Weddings in the 21st century have evolved with today’s technology. Live-streaming, social media, cell phones and mobile devices have forever changed the format of ceremonies and receptions

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Planning Details to Think About!

If any of your attendants are not Canadian citizens, make sure they can get into the country, well before the wedding day. Imagine the stress and heartache for that bride, finding out the hard by just 24 hours prior to her wedding date.

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In 2017, Name Change is a Consideration for Either Spouse

The decision to change your name is a personal one that some brides and grooms choose to address, well before their wedding day. There are many options, but only you and your future spouse can decide what’s best for your union.

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Wedding Photography Tip of the Day

When you contract your photographer, ask about a “Plan B”. If the weather is inclement and your dreams of photos in the park, the city centre or on the beach are dashed by a downpour, Where are you going to go to capture your memories?


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